Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Food!

The peppers have started to arrive! That means that it has been hot and sunny enough for them to ripen. Still a bit behind schedule, but so appreciated now that they are here.

These are actually sweet peppers. They have a very strong red pepper flavor and would be delicious roasted.

Eat ugly food! These ugly tomatoes are delicious. They are called German Stripe and have variegated red and yellow flesh when sliced.

I had to get this guy! Just look at that face, it was calling out to me.

Green beans made their appearance as well. These are Romano Italian Pole Beans. I love these things, my kids ate them last year, I hope that is the case again this year.

These burst in your mouth, seriously delicious black berries! I'm definitely enjoying the fruits of summer.


digibudi said...

Sergeant Pepper will be very proud you've picked the right ones! (That yellow one is really cute!)
P.S.:You're on the list of winners!!!

SisterDG said...

Hurrah for Pepper Season!! And, for ugly tomatoes. :-)

Pollyanna said...

This is so cool. We do love peppers here. Vance will eat any kind of sweet pepper. And of course Steve (hubby) loves the hot stuff too. That tomato is crazy looking.

I've never gotten into blackberries. I just can't do them for some reason. Raspberries and blueberries are great, just can't get into blackberries. Maybe I need to try again. Do you make things from them or just eat them as is?