Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Visit

Some of my family came for a visit this week.

We took them to the Beach and did some sand dune jumping,

and some cave exploring.

We went to a local farm and went berry picking, something they don't get to do at home.

"Is this one ripe?"

A wonderful time was had by all. Now we are settling back in and the kids are missing their cousins. Of course, I've got a million things 'to do' and I'll be trying to catch up. Catching up doesn't really describe it accurately because I wont ever be able to catch up, but I will be able to get things to a manageable enough state to start again.


Sage said...

Looks like so much fun sally! I really hope next summer we will be joining you on some beach and berry adventures... we miss you guys to pieces! Hope things are well.. Love ya.

Linnea said...

I LOVE the "cave exploring" picture, it is a great shot! It looks like so much fun. I love family visits.

Lisa said...

Sally - you really are an awesome photographer! You have posted some seriously great pictures! I'm glad you had fun with your family! I wish we could live closer so we could do fun stuff like that with you!

Ruth said...

Oh, I love dune jumping, and berry picking! What fun!!

bunzi said...

dune jumping looks fun. :D love the pics.

Rebecca said...

Those pictures make me miss Oregon