Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Day For Sewing

We are quarantined to the house for a bit until the bugs in Wren's throat (as he puts it) go away, so I got a chance to do some sewing!

This book has tons of great sewing projects, 24 to be exact. I saw the Simple Drawstring Backpack and immediately decided that Wren needed one to start kindergarten with. Violet would need one too, of course!

It is a nice basic design. Lotta Jansdotter says that although this is a simple pattern, you should allow a day for this project, which was fairly accurate. I made these two assembly line style and it took me most of an afternoon and part of the evening. I did all the cutting and ironing first and then sewed them up. There were a few type-o's, but nothing that stumped me. Lotta suggests that this is a project for a beginner that is ready for a challenge and I do agree.

I think they turned out super cute, now I hope they are super useful!


digibudi said...

You've just won your Digibudi's Sewcute Purse! Congratulations sister, send your home adress to and it will be send to you next Thursday July 31st.. (and you still can choose between your favorites) xoxoxo

Pollyanna said...

Cute!! I made a backpack for Dane. If the older sibling has one, the younger one needs one too. Glad you choose to make two;)

Ooh I do love your childrens' names.

Mandi said...

Very cute!!! Pumpkin Doodle is obsessed with backpacks and will make a bag of any kind fit on her back somehow, someway. I think this would make a good replacement for a Wal-Mart shopping bag, huh? :P I wonder if I can get my act together to make the girls these for their "school" stuff.

Roxanne said...

These are adorable!! I love that book too - simple designs but so practical and beautiful at the same time.