Saturday, July 12, 2008

Quick Market Pics

It was hot and sunny today. There were a lot of shoppers at the market, which means a busy day!

We still have fava beans, and they are gorgeous!

Clockwise from top left: French White zucchini, Romanesco zucchini, Zypher squash, basil, garlic and green zucchini.

These black raspberries were being sold at a booth near us and we had to try them. I thought the taste was similar to mulberries but with a lot of seeds.

A close up of these striking berries.

I've got family coming for the week, so we will be off and running. Back to the beach tomorrow, then the zoo, lots of grilling and maybe we'll get to go pick blueberries!


Mandi said...

These pictures always make me so jealous! Gorgeous, as always!

bunzi said...

so busy! hope you had a good weekend. nice pictures.