Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July

We were invited to spend the 4th of July with some friends at a State Park for a BBQ.

Violet spent most of her time stomping on the many mole hills that were at the picnic site.

The park was by a river, the kids always enjoy the water and sand.

Violet with her friend who really got into the sand!

Here I am, looking very patriotic!

We had a relaxing time and enjoyed the holiday, hope you did too!


Pollyanna said...

Happy 4th to you too!! Looks like a great time. I love that you still wear pig tails in your hair. I do too. I wonder if it is still ok for me with my grey hairs to wear pig tails?

I can't get over your daughter's hair. It is freaking adorable!!

bunzi said...

such nice scenery. :D violet is a doll!

robin said...

Violet and her sandy friend are too cute for words!
I love that picture... The sandy forehead cracked me up.

It is good to be back from our trip and miserably loosing the catch up game ourselves, well not miserably, but still always loosing... What ever would we do if we did catch up?