Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Work in Progress

This doll is from Toys to Sew by Claire Garland. She's quite the long and lanky girl, but I managed to get all of her into a picture!

The pattern seemed easy enough, just a body, arms and legs. But the instructions stopped short of explaining exactly how to attach the appendages to the body and there isn't a picture of the bare doll anywhere in the book. I managed well enough with the arms, but attaching the legs was a different story. I uttered repeatedly "I have no idea what I'm doing!" while trying to wrangle the long legs and attach them to the torso. I think they turned out looking alright. I just hope they hold up to a bit of tugging and flinging around.

Now that I've got her sewn up, I get to give her some personality! Her hair will be the biggest challenge. There are also a lot of fun patterns for doll clothes in this book, some of them using parts from your children's old clothes. Great idea!

I was all ready to make one for each of the kids, but Wren informed me that he only likes dolls with short arms and soft bodies and ones that wear little pants. Now I know!

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