Monday, March 3, 2008

Easter Workshop 2008 - BUST!

Things aren't going well for me with Martha's Easter Workshop 2008. I couldn't find the cards used for the Easter Egg stationary and I wasn't going to search all over town for them. Then I realized "What am I going to do with Easter stationary anyway?"

Next up were the pom pom chicks. I bought a pom pom maker and we all sat down for a family craft night. No chicks were made. I could have made a better pom pom maker with cardboard than the one I bought. I couldn't find the one featured in Martha's supply list. Actually, I'm having trouble finding any supplies required for these projects!

This is the Lion Brand pom pom maker that shouldn't have been invented.

Violet "trimming" the only pom pom that was made.

Wren "projecting".

What was accomplished though, was a fun evening sitting around the table having good times. Its all about the process, not the final product. Right?


Robin said...

Sounds like you could use a little cheer! I don't have any pom-poms either... But I will cheer for you never the less! For your effort and for the clean up as well... That is assuming you made it there... Yeah... That part doesn't always happen for me... So if you got that far, YAY FOR YOU!

if not... YAY for you anyway!

mushroommeadows said...

hahaha you do like pompoms! :)