Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring! And Some Craftiness

I couldn't help myself, the blossoms are here!

These yellow flowers are on a small bush in our yard.

These lovely pink ones are across the street.

Here is Wren playing in our soon to be garden box. We really need to get the kids a sandbox!

I had a great time yesterday at the CRAFT magazine release party. Pictures and details can be found here. I'm partially in one of the pictures, the one with the red shirt making pantyhose flowers. I'm sitting next to my friend Lissa who joined me on the outing.

There are so many great projects in this issue. I've been wanting to make bean bags for the kids, and there is this great article on how to make the cutest Japanese juggling toys.

There are also instructions for a nice wrap around skirt, beginner or advanced. This can help me on my way to a funkier wardrobe!


Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Nice pictures! Wow I wish it was like that where I live! There is still snow on the ground at my house!

mushroommeadows said...

Wren is so cute in the garden box. I love it!

And yes, I do see all the spring popping up around you; it's simply gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally!
I am in Moscow now! I loved the CRAFT 'zine too, and I want to make everyhting from it.
You should really post the quinoa soup recipe, it RULES!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally, I am in Moscow now :)

I loved the Craft 'zine too, and I want to make everything out of it! Alek already commisionned some of the felt critters from the cover.

You should definitely post the quinoa soup recipe, it RULES!