Thursday, March 6, 2008

Its All About MeMe!

I've been tagged by the über talented Diane who's responsible for CraftyPod and so many other wonderful things. This is called the MeMe, so now I must list 6 things about me and tag 6 more people.

1. I'm a binge crafter. For Christmas it was all about knitting hats, now I'm sewing and I haven't knitted in a couple of months. But I do go back to things.

2. I secretly wish I was from another country, somewhere in Europe like France or the Czech Republic, or Germany, or..... I just have this romantic idea about how much better life would be.

3. I don't mind washing dishes, but I don't like putting them away.

4. I graduated from Western Culinary Institute in '95, worked in the business for a while, co-owned a cafe in Seaside, OR for 3 years. Now I'm at home with the kids.

5. I believe I was supposed to be a redhead.

6. If there is a flat surface at our house, it eventually gets covered with just about anything you can imagine. Is there a cure for this?

Ok, so I'm tagging Dan, Robin, Roxanne, Rodger, Chrissy. Have a great day!


1 comment:

Dan said...

Hey, this is a nice place you got here!
Thanks for joining the very small, elite group of really cool people who have left comments on our website!
So long for now....