Monday, August 4, 2008

Market Offerings and A Mountain Climb

While I was working at the Market, Denny was off hiking Mt St Helens.

What I brought home: french white zucchini, yellow and green pole beans, purple viking potatoes, red bell peppers, sungold cherry tomatoes, persimmon tomatoes (orange), black copia tomato (green and red), zypher summer squash, zucchini. Oh how I love summer squash!

I'm going to make a green bean, potato, zucchini salad for a picnic in the park. Our neighborhood park is having a celebration for National Night Out on Tuesday August 5th (tomorrow!).

Denny put together a slide show of his climb for your viewing pleasure.

Hobbled on St. Helens from Denny McEntire on Vimeo.

Hope you are all having a great Monday!


Pollyanna said...

Oh my gosh that video is awesome. Just beautiful. Are you a hiker too Sally? I confess I am not great at cardio anything. But I pretend.

I love squash of any kind. Share what you make, ok?

Lisa said...

The views are beautiful from up there! How long does it take to hike Mt. St. Helen's? I'm not much of a hiker but that looks kind fun!

bunzi said...

num num. :) we are going hiking this sat. :) i'm sure it's much prettier over yonder. :)

mushroommeadows said...

I love zucchini, but the last batch I bought was so bitter. :(

Amy said...

Yum, that sounds so fresh and summery! I am just starting to eat my own tomatoes- so much better than any grocery store!