Thursday, August 28, 2008

Now I Just Need Some Pins

My pin cushion is finished! Hurray! I just love love love cupcakes and really wanted to come up with my own design for my pin cushion. I crocheted the bottom and used a felted wool sweater for the top. The cherry is the coolest bit though, it is filled with steel wool for sharpening your pins! I got the idea from Diane.

Now I want to get some colorful pins that will look like sprinkles.

I still want to make this little cutie, as I've always wanted a hedgehog.


Pollyanna said...

That is way adorable! I love the top in particular. So so cute.

SquishyCuteStuff said...

Cute-O! Love that pincushion ☺ Thanks for the link to the hedgie one...I will definitely be making one of those soon!
Here is another one you might like:

ps... My husband had a real hedgie for awhile while we were dating. Even though he cleaned his cage daily, they really smell. He ended up taking him back to the pet store :-(

SisterDG said...

How cute! And what an awesome combo of crochet and felted sweater. Hope you enjoy using it - I can't remember how I lived without mine. :-)

bunzi said...

wow love it! it's very pretty. and it looks edible! :D

Linnea said...

How cute!! The top is so perfect! I have been missing your blog with no computer here lately.
I have a thing for hedgehogs too! They are so cute, I think I am going to have to give that pattern a go.