Sunday, June 1, 2008

That's Some Mighty Fine Veg.

Lots of lovely color at the market. Here are some pictures of the set up. Tom, the farmer (in the denim jacket) arrives at 5:30 am. Everything has to be unloaded from the truck and set up by 8:00 am.

There were 175 flats of strawberries, that's 2,100 pints! And we sold out!

Eye catching display of carrots and beets.

Look at the colors, not very common at the grocery store. From the front: yukon golds, french fingerling, purple viking, and red golds.

Fava beans, leek tops and fennel were popular. We also had 3 kinds of garlic; bulbs, green garlic, and garlic tops. The leek and garlic tops can be chopped and sautéed, roasted or grilled. I brought home some garlic tops and plan on throwing them on the grill.

Soon to arrive: tomatoes!


SisterDG said...

Beautiful photos! How funny is it that we took the same shot of those potatoes? But how could we not - they're so pretty!

I am 100% ready for tomatoes. And peppers. And blackberries.

Dan said...

What could be better than a market stand full of fresh veggies?
We just had our first harvest of fava beans last night!
Wish we could get some sun for our summer veggies.

Amy said...

You take such great photos! Now you made me hungry for vegetables. I need to take my son to our local market one day. I know he would absolutely love it!

Linnea said...

I love checking out your Farmer's Market shots! We are moving in directly across the street from a Farmers Market! I can't wait to be able to walk out my door and buy so much beautiful and yummy produce!

Mandi said...

Beautiful pictures!

We do not have a good farmer's market anywhere around us, and those pictures made me miss the one we went to when I was a kid even more.

Dot said...

hey! I added some suggestions on kid friendly sushi at the bottom of my post, probably while you were reading it. Check it out - maybe you can find something your kids would like!