Saturday, June 21, 2008

This Week's Market Peek

The season is really kicking in now. There was a lot more variety from the farm this week.

These are an early variety of cherry that are similar in flavor to Bing.

This ribbed zucchini is a distinctive Italian variety called Romanesco. It is nutty and crisp, delicious raw or cooked.

Heirloom tomatoes nestled in with basil.

Look at that lovely color!

Raspberries season is really picking up. I just love the contrast of the red and golden raspberries. There is a slight difference in flavor between the two, golden tend to be more aromatic.

I just can't help myself with these strawberries. They are just so beautiful and glisten in the sun. Denison grows seascapes that are an ever bearing variety, so we should have them through to the fall.


Roxanne said...

I always look forward to your market pictures! Everything is so beautiful!!

Alina Chau said...

beautiful photos!

Abiding said...

Yum! I can just imagine the wonderful smells of the market! ~Leslie