Friday, June 20, 2008

Forced to Craft

I came home with this book from the library the other day. It is very cute, set up like a comic book of instructions on how to make all these cute useful things like tissue holders and water bottle covers. The book is narrated by two rabbits named White Rabbit and Brown Bunny.

Wren got a hold of the book and informed me that he wanted me to make everything for him right now. And specifically he wanted me to make him one of the rabbits, right now. Telling him it wasn't actually possible for me to make them all for him, right now, was not getting through. Desperate to stop the demands, I started searching for a way to appease him. I spotted some terry cloth that had been in the closet for quite a few years, it was finally destined to become something. A rabbit, right now!

Here you have it, White Rabbit!

White Rabbit with a shirt made from one of my socks.

I really like how they turned out. Although, the terry cloth was a little hard to sew through, especially at the arms and legs where there were four layers. I was worried for my sewing machine! I made Violet one and used corduroy for the body, which was much better. Luckily, they came together pretty fast and Wren has been appeased. For now, at least!


SisterDG said...

They're so adorable! Isn't that the best book ever?

Anonymous said...

White rabbit is precious!