Friday, May 30, 2008

The Skirts That Never Will Be...

I got very excited about sewing Violet a slew of skirts after my friend Nicki sent me this easy skirt tutorial. I pulled out some material that I had lovingly picked out at the fabric store with my little girl in mind. She adores kitty cats, and these kitty cats are adorable!

I love how care free and fun this fabric is with the little kids playing, and there is a kitty. Not to mention, it's the perfect color.

Well, Violet will have nothing to do with them. I really tried. "But look, kitties!"


The only material she would agree to was the combination that she had picked out when I made her a Wee Wonderful doll. When I presented her with the finished skirt, she seemed astounded "Look mama, it's the same as little Violet!"

I will just have to put the other material back in the drawer and try again next year. Luckily we have been given an enormous amount of hand-me-downs that should last us through summer and then some.


Linnea said...

I TOTALLY feel you here! I thought it would be years before my 2 year old let me know in his own way that what I chose is "Just not cool, Mom!"

Amy said...

That skirt is sooooo cute! My daughter has a mind of her own too and she tells me what she will or won't wear. My son also makes some interesting wardrobe choices. :)

Kate said...

Great skirt - I love, love that spotty fabric - i use it a lot!

Kristin said...

oh-kay... That doll is THE SWEETEST THING EVER! I have to make one! It is so cute that your little girl will be able to wear a matching skirt.

I feel your pain with the opinionated daughter, though! I always take comfort in knowing I am raising a strong self-thinking girl (even if it means battles over clothes!).

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog; as far as the honey bars... I haven't tried them with whole wheat, but another commenter did, and she said they turned out great. Give it a try and let me know!