Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Present Time!

While we were at the coast, my friend and I did a little present exchange, catching up on birthdays and even Christmas! I gave her one of my favorite knit hats, the amigurumi cupcake, and a little doll made from a pattern by (Inside A Black Apple) that she gave out on the Martha Stewart Show.

In turn, I received the greatest gifts!

Inside this ball of colorful wool is a bar of soap. Such a great idea!

And check out this pop up book! It is called Botticelli's Bed & Breakfast.

Fancy bed room.

Here is Mona Lisa in the attic.

Venus and David in the bathroom. I want to be a guest here!

Then I was presented with this, I have been eying this book since my last visit to Powell's Books.

Look at that tree!

I love the antennae on this robot, so clever.

This lonely dollop is very appealing to my almost 5 year old boy! (Yes, it is poo!)

There are instructions for sewn softies, plus a couple for needle felting and some crochet too.

Not only are there cute softies, but there are great instructions with many details that would be useful knowledge for any sewing project.

Look! You can make a pompom with a toilet paper roll!

One of the greatest things about this book is that the patterns can be found in a pocket in the back of the book. So that means no trips to the library to enlarge pattern pages! I am so looking forward to starting a project from this book!

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