Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Three Bag Weekend

I went c-razy this last weekend and sewed three Charming Handbags from Bend-the-Rules Sewing by Amy Karol from Angry Chicken. Amy is a local where I live, so it's fun doing projects from her book with the thought that I could possibly run into her around town. Well, one can only hope.

It definitely is a charming bag. I like the design of it, not your typical shape and it is a quick sew. I started making one for a friend using fabric that I found at the Goodwill bins. It was the score of the lot, at least a yard of fabric and a very nice pattern. As I was sewing the final details, Violet came in to see my progress and declared "I want you to sew me a bag, momma!".

Violet's bag with a purple ribbon. She now totes her 'babies' and animals around in it.

I set out to sew myself a bag, and came out with this pink polka dot one. I added a pocket and a magnetic snap. But it just wasn't quite right. It didn't look good with the ribbon across, I tried an appliqué. Nothing looked right. I carried it around and decided it is a much better fit for a young girl and sent it to my niece for her birthday.

Now the weekend is over, and I still haven't made a bag for myself and I'm on to the next project. We'll see if I ever get a bag of my own.


Roxanne said...

Your bags look great! What a fun coincidence that we used the same exact fabric!! This is my first time visiting your blog, but I have enjoyed my visit! I'll definitely be back. :) Oh, and thanks for your comment!!

SisterDG said...

Wow, these are so cute! And I totally bow to your Sewing Fortitude. There's no WAY I could complete three bags in a weekend.

Robin said...

That lasagna looks scrumptious! Mmmmm... I too am a lover of the squash (all kinds)! Thank you for being an active participant in my wordy little ramble-ons. I do love getting feedback.

There were quite a few people in the class we were in together and I am trying to put a face to your name... I am horrible with names anyway... Now with this Blogging business I am horrible with faces and know only names-- Funny.