Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good Find at 'The Bins'

I got to go to 'The Bins' on Sunday. I haven't been for years, so this was a treat. I was on a hunt for wool sweaters for felted projects and I found 6. Two of them didn't felt, even though the wool content was 100%, 4 out of 6 is worth the trouble though. They are roughly $6 a peice at the regular Goodwill stores and I paid $1.49 lb.

I also found this great 80's craft book. It has a lot of dolls to sew that I can get ideas and patterns from. They are quite dated and rather funny. Here's the cover,

What a fancy satin bear!

Check out these enormous dolls!

I really like this mobile made out of craft sticks and clothes pins.

And we are totally making this desk/seesaw!

Such great colors in this doll house.

And in the back are these great 'fantasy play lands' where they use super hero figures.

And this elaborate 'space station' using Star Wars figures.

There are many many more great pix I could post, but that would make it quite long. I have this feeling of familiarity when I look at this book and must remember to ask my mom if she had it. Wren has already told me which toys he wants me to make for him, which means basically all of them! I will have to post the pictures from the book and my end result when I get around to making some.

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