Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Trouble With Bamboo Sock Needles...

Yup, totally snapped.

I'm attracted to the aesthetics of bamboo needles, that is what I usually buy. So that is what I went for when I started my sock class. I noticed how fragile they were as soon as I started knitting, I felt like I was going to break them while I was knitting! I've never felt that with the larger sized bamboo needles. Well, it happened. Not while I was knitting, but in my bag.

These are my new indestructible needles, the addi Turbo Lace. Not only are they strong, they claim I will knit faster! They are quite nice, the joins are smoother than the bamboo, which seems to be more of an issue when knitting with tiny sock yarn. Smooth needles also seem to be essential with smaller yarn. I've used size 17 metal needles and had horrible trouble with the yarn slipping off.

All this rambling on about knitting needles! I'm really just happy to be knitting socks, something I've been wanting to do for years.


Roxanne said...

Bummer! I've worried about that myself, but never had it actually happen. I've also worried about leaving a metal one somewhere and impaling myself with it. Socks sound like a lot of fun! Haven't tried those yet.

Heather - - said...

I started needle felting some figurines, based on your tutorial on Dabbled. My mom and I are doing the Nativity Set idea we mentioned in the comments on that blog, and it is fun! I posted about it on my blog

(And I also posted a blog about it on


Linnea said...

I love using the addi turbo, they are my absolute favorite to knit on. I never thought I would get so excited to knit on a certain kind of needle!