Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Homemade Hot Cocoa: For REAL!

Look at that face, I think he likes it!

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I give you two recipes. First a Hot Cocoa mix recipe. One that I made with friends a couple of winters ago and gave as gifts. Originally from Sunset magazine. Go here and you will find many versions; Mexican, peppermint, mocha. Just note, there is a typo. Use 1 teaspoon salt, NOT 1 tablespoon! The second is a stove top recipe, you can also make it by the cup in the microwave for an instant fix.

Classic Cocoa Mix
1 cup powdered milk
3/4 cup cocoa powder
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup mini chips

Mix together in a container. Pour 1 cup boiling water in a cup, stir in 1/3 cup of cocoa mix. Et voilĂ ! I like to pour in a bit of half and half to cool it and for a smidgen of creaminess. This makes a deliciously rich hot cocoa.

Stove Top Hot Cocoa
4 cups milk, any kind
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt

Place all ingredients into a pot. Turn on to medium heat, start stirring when milk warms up. The cocoa powder will not mix in until milk is warm. Don't boil! Makes 4 cups of hot cocoa just like your grandma used to make.

For 1 cup serving:
1 cup milk
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
dash of salt

Place in a ceramic mug, microwave for 2 minutes. Stir and enjoy!

*An interesting fact about cocoa powder, it doesn't actually dissolve, it just suspends in the warm liquid. That is why you always find cocoa at the bottom of your cup!


SquishyCuteStuff said...

Hubby accidentally drank a mugful of "Butterfinger"-flavored hot cocoa that my mom bought for the girls...he said "this tastes like a Butterfinger, and I LIKE it!". LOL

mushroommeadows said...

it looks super TASTY and what a precious picture!

cabin + cub said...

Mmm... could sure use some on this cold day! :)

Chris said...

I still make batches of that candy cane cocoa every year. In fact, I think I'll go make myself a cuppa right now. I did not know that about cocoa. Interesting.

Amy said...

these look like they'll be good, i cant wait to try them

MommySecrets said...

Yum yum!!

Ketutar said...

Who doesn't love cocoa...
I think the fact that cocoa doesn't dissolve interesting too :-)

Roxanne said...

Sounds great! The video was priceless though! Your kids are adorable.