Thursday, December 4, 2008

W.I.P. It Up

Freezer paper stencils. Butterflies from Lotta, dandelion by Leethal, praying mantis by Denny.

These are the guts to the little houses.

I'm finally learning how to knit socks! This toe up pattern is designed and taught by Chrissy.

This is Violet's new do. Ah, she looks so old now!

I also made the kids cute advent button trees from a tutorial by Diane, but I can't get a decent picture to show.

And I can't forget to tell you about the coolest Christmas Digest by Diane and Katin! I got mine yesterday and I'm totally enjoying all the whit, humor and craftiness. You should go and buy one. Thank you guys!


Anonymous said...

I love the button trees!

Chris said...

Oh. My. Gawd. I LOVE that barn! I so want one. No time for such antics now...maybe a birthday.

SquishyCuteStuff said...

Wow, you have been busy! Your daughters haircut is absolutely ADORABLE. Very pixie-like :-)

I am really smitten those button is Dec 5. Am I too late?

Roxanne said...

So many cute things you are working on! Love the praying mantis stencil!!

Amy said...

First- your knitting socks? Wow! I just got for Christmas a book on two at a time knitting using circulars. I think that might be my project with this weather.

Second- I need to do the freezer paper stenciling. I have had that on my list forever- those shirts are adorable.

Third- Sorry about your camera :(

Happy Holidays!

Lee said...

i'm way behind on my blog-reading... i'm so happy to see my dandelion design! yay! hope you had a fabulous holiday, and have a happy new year!!