Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Solstice!

And I'm happy to say that my camera has returned! I'm busy finishing up the gifts and trying to stay warm. There is an unusually large amount of snow in Portland, OR right now. I'm very thankful for heat and a fully stocked kitchen!

I just have time to show some of the pictures I've take since the camera returned.

I bought four of these crocheted snow flakes at a craft bizarre, now I'm wishing I would have gotten three times that many!

This is one of my faves, a sweet little hedgehog.

Here are the kid's advent trees.

More stenciling.

We have such an abundance of drawings and paintings by the kids, we decided to use it for wrapping paper. Shown with gift tags from the black apple.

The house for Violet. I still need to sew on buttons, doors and such.

I was going to make Wren a little house too, but he is obsessed with the creatures from this book. I've made sock moneys and glove monsters, now I've ventured into the world of Stupid Sock Creatures! So very fun.

Stocking stuffers for the kids. Pattern from Mochimochi.

I finished one sock! The second one will have to wait until after the holidays. Can't wait to finish it and start on a pair for me though.

Hope to stop in at least one more time before Christmas. Until then, don't forget to enjoy these last few days until the New Year.


Brittney said...

OMG, the house! I might have to hire you to make one of those for Imogen's birthday next year. :)

SisterDG said...

Your advent trees turned out adorable!

Glad you're warm and fully-stocked for this insane weather. At least it's cozy, right?

Amy said...

Everything looks so good- I can't believe you are knitting socks. I got a book on knitting socks two at at a time as a holiday gift. My goal this year is to figure out how to do it :)

Happy Holidays!!

SquishyCuteStuff said...

Oh, everything is adorable! I am finishing up on my handmade gifts, and hope to get a post done tonight or tomorrow am :-) You did a super job, girl!

Roxanne said...

You have had some horrible weather! Hope you are staying warm and dry. Your projects look amazing! Love the house!!