Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ta Da!

*The quilts sold for nearly $400 a piece!

I've heard that photographing quilts can be a challenge and I must agree. I had good lighting, so the colors turned out lovely, but it is hard figuring out how to lay them.

These quilts are really all about the children's art work. I love the imagination.

Now they are headed to the school auction that takes place on Saturday. I'm actually nervous about watching them get auctioned off. I hope they are a hit!


SisterDG said...

Wow, this is beautiful, and so much obvious love and care! Thanks for sharing pictures!

Dot said...

That came out great!

And thanks for playing MSCE April! I've added you to the list here:
Do stop by and check out some of your fellow participants, too!


Pollyanna said...

Oh they really are so sweet!! I'm interested to see how they do at the auction too. Way to go!!

mushroommeadows said...

wow! The quilt turned out perfectly cute! :) You did a great job putting it together!!!

pam said...

The quilts are just precious. You are so lucky to have the technology available to do this and to preserve the drawings.

SquishyCuteStuff said...

I can tell you that from our school bazaars, auctions, carnivals, etc. anything that is personalized of a child or their class is a hot commodity! I expect your quilt to go for a nice price, and I can't wait to hear about it ♥

You did a fantastic job! It has a very Eric Carle feel to it... he is also one of my favorite children's illustrators ☺ *pat pat on Sally's back*

Chris said...

Okay, I can admit it now: I was just a bit dubious when you first told me about the plan. I've seen "class quilts" like this in the past and not been impressed. Either the colors weren't harmonious or the overall sewing/putting the blocks together wasn't executed well. You, your helpers, and students did an excellent job! Really well done. I agree with SquishyCuteStuff--it does have that Eric Carle feel.

Pollyanna said...

So awesome!! I think they were totally worthy of it!!