Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Christmas Gift List, Halloween. Wow, It Must Be Sept.

I'm starting on Christmas gifts. Here's what I'm doing so far.

This portable doll house for Violet from UK lass in US.

From mmmcrafts. I've just got to make these for the kids. I'll do a boy version with removable pants for Wren.

I really like this double sided cable scarf from Sweater Surgery.

This is what I want to make for Violet's Halloween costume from Wee Wonderfuls. Wren's costume idea changes weekly, so I'm not sure what that one is going to be.

Last year he was the Prince from Katamari. I also crocheted the Prince for him from a pattern I bought from anapauloli on Etsy.

Things have been extra busy here. Wren is starting kindergarten next week and Violet is going to preschool. It feels like the end of an era for me, life is never going to be the same. It is going to be all about school for the next 15 years or so.

I've been at home with my kids since the beginning and this is a bit of a hard transition for me. On one hand, I'm thinking about all the time I'm going to have for myself. On the other hand, I'm really going to miss Wren. He is going to be in school for 6 hours a day! That is 30 hours a week! Violet will only be going for 5 hours a week, so she will keep me company. I think she will miss her little buddy too though.


SquishyCuteStuff said...

Sally, I so ♥ visiting your blog! You find the best free patterns... thanks for sharing ☺

My oldest started preschool last Monday, and her sister and I are a little lost without her. So I guess I can sympathize with you!

Larissa Holland said...

hi! I love you are making Mollys for gifts. make sure you get the latest pattern with the 'pull the legs out the back and don't kill Larissa' method. :-)

Pollyanna said...

I love the projects you have chosen. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

I hope school goes well for you and your kids. I'm interested to know how Kindergarten is for Wren. I am still a little frustrated with the lack of information they give the parents. Is Wren going to public school? I've never added up the hours Vance goes to school a week. Yikes! That is almost a full time job.

bunzi said...

so cute! i love all the gifts and plans you have. :D

Roxanne said...

Thanks for the links - tons of cute stuff!! Good luck with your school transition. I considered sending Sydney to preschool this year. But I just wasn't ready for that! :)

Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

That is such a cool costume!

Lisa said...

The transition to Kindergarten was rough for us! Matthew would be so tired when I picked him up that he would yell at me and try to hit me the whole way home! I hated it!The first 2 weeks were the worst but he struggled the whole year. First grade was MUCH better.

Lauren misses Matthew through the day. Whenever she's sad about something, she cries for "my Bobo, my Bobo (her name for Matthew)!" She talks about him NONSTOP! "My Bobo at school, my Bobo watch TV, my Bobo brushes his teeth, etc - all day!

Amy said...

Oh, I know it is so hard! Ethan is only going half a day and that was tough for me. I am clinging to Emily for one more year and then it will be off to preschool (sniff, sniff) I hope it goes well. I love all your gift ideas too!!

mushroommeadows said...

I really want to make handmade gifts this christmas, so this blog entry really has inspired me to start NOW! :)

Rachel said...

I love that dollhouse! What a great idea!

sunnie_fairy said...

I love that fairy costume! so cute.

Laura said...

Okay- I jumped in from Lisa G blog and just have to laugh- I made one of those doll/fabric houses for christmas and pulled that monkey pattern too!!!

very cool- great minds think alike!

I'm also trying to invite people to my blog birthday party.. give-away.. deadline is Thursday.. so pop in to www.girlinaswirl.blogspot.com